Conference Center
  • 4,470 square foot multi-media conference center and adjoining lobby
  • Emergency response hub during an emergency when essential staff is required around the clock
  • Dormitory-style facilities under emergency activation
  • Training/meeting space for partner and civic groups of up to 250 attendees under normal operations
  Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  • Interagency coordination site for all levels of incident response and recovery
  • 10 command and 88 partner workstations
  • 24-hour situational awareness during emergencies and homeland security issues
  • Wall-to-wall media LED-monitoring to better view and efficiently respond to events
  • Latest technology to support ongoing situational awareness, teleconferencing, and communications
  Regional Joint Information Center
  • Regional hub for creating and releasing emergency communications to the public via media outlets and social media
  • Multi-media monitoring and communications capabilities
  • Voice multiplier for surrounding jurisdictions and agencies
  Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Communications Center
  • Doubled capacity for amateur radio operations should cell phones, land lines, Internet, and other communication systems fail
  • Allocated communications space for stakeholders such as the American Red Cross, United States Coast Guard, FBI, Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Council (SETRAC), Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS), and FEMA
  • Enhanced training space to expand pool of operators required for an emergency
  500-foot Communications Tower
  • Multiple-antennae structure to enhance communication capacities
  • Radio communications for partner agency networks
  • Helicopter video linkage for law enforcement use
  • Redundant autonomous public safety communications, acting as entry point for amateur radio operations for voice, video, and data communications
  Central Lobby Expansion
  • New media workspace with desks and wireless connections for use during an emergency
  • Real-time Spanish translation system and adjacent translation booth
  Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) for METRO and TxDOT
  • Dedicated METRO and TxDOT EOCs with elevated view of TranStar Transportation Control Room during emergency activations